Our love for Advantage Disposal happened after Hurricane Irene destroyed our home in August of 2011. After the reality of everything sinking in, we realized that the flood also took away our fairly new garbage cans. When we called Advantage Disposal, they said not to worry about it and that they would have new ones shipped out to us immediately. We thought we were going to have to pay them for the new containers - nope! 10 years later we are still customers. My mother just moved back to the area and without hesitation we got her set up with Advantage Disposal as well. We are so lucky to have such an amazing disposal company! Thanks to all of you for your great work and wonderful customer service.

Therese B

5-Star Service

We wanted to commend your drivers on their attention to detail when picking up the recyclables and garbage! On the rare occasion that something may fall out of the can on its way up to the truck, the driver will put the truck in park and hop out and pick it up off the roadway and toss it in the truck.

My wife and I moved here from another county in NY where the town we lived in picked up the trash and recycling utilizing a 2 man system riding on the back of the truck. We can tell you that they would let either garbage or recyclables, that missed the back of the truck, stay on the roadway 90% of the time, the 25 years we were lived there! They would just look at it and throw the empty cans wherever was convenient and drive on! It was not a pleasant way to see our tax dollars being utilized.

Again we commend your your employees for their attention to detail, it is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED and we are happy to be your customer and will spread the word to our neighbors! Thank you, Happy Customers on Independence Trail Ballston Spa NY 12020


5-Star Service

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